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Sunday, August 27th, 2017


New Research for Athletic Training

Research by scientists studying sports has shown that there are periods in young people that with proper training can be maximized. These studies have also show that it can take between eight and 12 years to get to the status of an elite athlete. This has led to a program called Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). This model helps coaches, trainers, parents and athletes to pinpoint appropriate training for the states of the athlete’s development. Interesting, this model shows that age is not a basis on which to bases development models.Read More

Fighting Procrastination

Success as a student can be undermined by procrastination. Procrastination can either be a habit, or simply just avoidance of something you don’t want to do. Students should identify which type of procrastination they are experiencing. A very important aspect to overcome procrastination is to develop time management skills. Divide your homework assignments and projects into small, easy to manage sections. Then set about doing one at a time. Do not make them to hard to accomplish or too large that you become frustrated. When you accomplish each task, youRead More