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3 Sites of Natural Beauty to See While Visiting Emerald Downs

Nestled in the Central Cascades area of Auburn, Washington, is a popular entertainment destination known as Emerald Downs. Emerald Downs is a fantastic combination of casino, clubhouse, music performances, race track, and restaurants, all rolled into one giant venue. If you’re lucky enough to visit Emerald Downs, be sure to allow enough time during your stay to explore the natural beauty of the area. The Central Cascades region is best known for picturesque mountains and crystal clear lakes. These are three sites of natural beauty to see while visiting.

Surprise Lake and Glacier Lake

Lying peacefully in the valley between Craggy Thunder and Spark Plug Mountains are Surprise Lake and Glacier Lake. From soaring evergreen trees to wild rhododendron bushes and colorful spring wildflowers, you’ll lose yourself in the natural beauty of the breathtaking landscape.  Find a nice hotel nearby and make a weekend of it.

If you enjoy the serenity of hiking, it’s a perfect place to take in the incredible views that only the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area of the Cascades can provide. You’ll enjoy the tranquility of the ancient cedar trees and regal hemlocks that are scattered in the hills surrounding the beautiful lakes. Make your way up the well-groomed trails for a day you’ll never forget.

Lake Tapps Park

Lake Tapps is a delightful place for families to visit. This popular lake provides endless opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, and water sports for both locals and tourists alike. On the north side of the lake is a 35-acre recreational area with about 10,000 feet of waterfront access. Lake Tapps Park also offers incredible breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and is a great place for kids of all ages to enjoy the joys of nature. Pack a picnic lunch and be sure to take your camera so you can capture those perfect moments.

White River Valley Museum and Mary Olson Farm

Back in the old days, the Mary Olson Farm made a living primarily from timber and hops. When hops deteriorated in value, the family started raising cows and chickens and also planted apple trees and potatoes. Today, visitors can tour the charming 1897 barn and 1902 farmhouse. Wandering through the old homestead and century-old apple orchard will make you think about simpler days long past.

Don’t forget to stop and visit the White River Valley Museum as well. The quaintly crafted displays and fascinating history of the museum will warm your heart. You’ll enjoy the historic quotes, amazing photographs, and interesting artifacts of yesteryears. Take the kids and climb aboard the early 1920s caboose and explore Ms. Hall’s famous hat shop.

There is nothing quite like a trip to Emerald Downs, but adding a few extra days to the trip to enjoy the gorgeous natural beauty of the area will only make it better. The crystal clear water of the lakes alongside soaring mountains will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Take it all in and stay a while.

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