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4 Things for Families to See While in Long Beach

Long Beach is filled with family-friendly activities for your trip to southern California. Bask in the famed sunshine while indulging in the top attractions. Be sure to pack a hat, bottled water, and plenty of sunscreen. Discover info on these four things for your family to see while in Long Beach.

Gondola Getaway

Take your family to Europe without ever leaving America. A gondola ride around Naples Island is a special treat for all. The Gondola Getaway provides authentic Venetian gondolas that you can use to navigate the area’s waterways. Elevate your trip with a hotel stay near major hospitals and freeways for easy mobility to attractions like this one. For about an hour, you can cruise canals near Belmont Shore. Open seven days a week, this accommodating company has the largest gondola fleet in the country. Tip: Ask your reservationist about their message in a bottle service so that you can surprise your spouse or little ones.

Battleship USS Iowa Museum

The Battleship Iowa is the only battleship available to the public on the West Coast. Its interactive naval museum engages visitors by sharing significant stories of patriotic bravery. Included on the list of Best Exhibits to See With Your Kids by CBS Los Angeles, the USS Iowa showcases how sailors have weathered the sea for many decades. Expose your family to history lessons that the ship has been bringing to life since the museum’s opening in 2012. On the Los Angeles waterfront in San Pedro, the Battleship Iowa sits where the U.S. Navy Pacific fleet once did. Tip: Have your children interact with Victory, the USS Iowa’s mascot, for a special scavenger hunt.

Rancho Los Alamitos

Take your family back in time with a visit to Rancho Los Alamitos at 6400 East Bixby Hill Rd. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this attraction has over 7 acres of land. Parts of the ancestral Tongva village of Povuu’ngna still exist, along with an adobe ranch from the 19th century. Navigate through them and the historical gardens from the 1920s and 1930s. The barn area from the mid-20th century has been restored and is complete with livestock. Transport yourselves to the ranching and farming era of the past. Tip: Consult with a tour guide regarding areas that are not recommended for children under six.

Knott’s Berry Farm

The first theme park in the United States is Knott’s Berry Farm. It has set the standard for all of the amusement parks that have come after it. Most families have at least one thrill-seeker among them. Who is it in your family? Have him or her climb aboard the Supreme Scream, one of the world’s tallest rides. For the tamer family members, there are bumper cars, live entertainment shows, 4D interactive rides, and more. Tip: Take in a 360-degree view of the whole park from the air on the Sky Cabin.

With one trip to Long Beach, your family will be hooked. Loads of excursions and adventures are readily available. Many have free admission and parking.

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