Perfect Timing When to Visit Seattle

Unfortunately, Seattle’s weather has a bad reputation. It rains in Seattle. A lot. Seattle’s number of rainy and cloudy days outnumber all the rainy East Coast cities like Boston, Atlanta, or New York City. Most of the rainfall in Seattle happens between October and April, so travelers visiting in the summer might not get hit with any rain at all. Read on to learn more about Seattle’s seasons and what to expect weather-wise whenever you plan to visit. Winter During the winter months, you’ll find the cheapest hotel deals. But, it’s not theRead More

Math Skills Are A Foundation of Education

Good math skills are essential for a productive education. Elementary-age children will need to master basic math skills so that they can continue on to more advanced math classes in high school and college. Here are some simple tips to help your child gain math skills. –Be sure that your child has an understanding of the concepts. If there is no true understanding of how math works, it is just memorization on the part of the child. For example have them add and subtract building blocks as a visualization exercise.Read More

The First Day of Your Child’s Education: How To Help Make It Stress Free

Your child is getting ready to enter pre-school. You and your child might be filled with a sense of excitement along with a little fear. As a parent you already realize the benefits of your child attending a preschool Your little one will get to socialize with his or her peers and learn some life skills such as taking turns and sharing. This is also a great way to prepare them for future educational experiences. But how do you help sooth and ease the fears that your child may beRead More

Tips To Help With Homework

If parents are involved with their children’s schoolwork, the child will reach a high level of success, according to studies. A very important way to obtain this involvement is to assist in your student’s homework. Not only will it help your child’s education and schoolwork, but it will raise his or her self-esteem. One important factor of assisting in your child’s homework is to find out if it is at the appropriate levels. For instance, the homework should reflect if the child is doing less than stellar or even belowRead More

New Research for Athletic Training

Research by scientists studying sports has shown that there are periods in young people that with proper training can be maximized. These studies have also show that it can take between eight and 12 years to get to the status of an elite athlete. This has led to a program called Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). This model helps coaches, trainers, parents and athletes to pinpoint appropriate training for the states of the athlete’s development. Interesting, this model shows that age is not a basis on which to bases development models.Read More

Fighting Procrastination

Success as a student can be undermined by procrastination. Procrastination can either be a habit, or simply just avoidance of something you don’t want to do. Students should identify which type of procrastination they are experiencing. A very important aspect to overcome procrastination is to develop time management skills. Divide your homework assignments and projects into small, easy to manage sections. Then set about doing one at a time. Do not make them to hard to accomplish or too large that you become frustrated. When you accomplish each task, youRead More

Tips For The First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for your child. You’ve already done research and preparation for this day including introducing your child to the teacher, made a visit or two to the class room and just generally tried to acclimate and prepare him or her for this new exciting educational experience. And now the big day is here. On the first day, reintroduce the teacher to your child when you both enter the classroom. The back away and see the reaction and let the child set the tone. This willRead More

Communicating With Teachers

You want to do well in all your classes and in general, at school. Communication with your teachers and instructors is essential to this success. Teachers will make sure of your success in most anyway they can, if you have shown a genuine interest in the course and your subsequent grade. Learning to be the best student you can will let your teacher help you. This may seem obvious but make sure you know the teachers name, and use it properly. This means using the proper title such as Mr.Read More

Healthy Lifestyles and Education Level

Reductions in the risk of stroke and heart disease can be attributed to better education as well as living in wealthy countries. Citizens of middle- and low-income countries do not experience this lowering of cardiovascular risks. This is according to a new study. Men from high-income countries that are well educated had the lowest rates of heart disease, according the study. The results of this study also show that these results are not the same in less wealthy countries. The lead author of the study Dr. Abhinav Goyal points atRead More

Distance Learning Tips

There has been a large increase in popularity of higher education distance learning. Distance learning allows students to take independent study classes, take classes and courses that are not time specific. These distance learning classes also do not require students attend a physical facility allowing students who are far away from campus to attend school. Students can take classes on their own schedules. Interestingly, the drop out rate is higher for adult learners enrolling in distance education classes. Distance education classes can be completed successfully with just a little planning.Read More