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Tips For The First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for your child. You’ve already done research and preparation for this day including introducing your child to the teacher, made a visit or two to the class room and just generally tried to acclimate and prepare him or her for this new exciting educational experience. And now the big day is here. On the first day, reintroduce the teacher to your child when you both enter the classroom. The back away and see the reaction and let the child set the tone. This willRead More

Communicating With Teachers

You want to do well in all your classes and in general, at school. Communication with your teachers and instructors is essential to this success. Teachers will make sure of your success in most anyway they can, if you have shown a genuine interest in the course and your subsequent grade. Learning to be the best student you can will let your teacher help you. This may seem obvious but make sure you know the teachers name, and use it properly. This means using the proper title such as Mr.Read More

Healthy Lifestyles and Education Level

Reductions in the risk of stroke and heart disease can be attributed to better education as well as living in wealthy countries. Citizens of middle- and low-income countries do not experience this lowering of cardiovascular risks. This is according to a new study. Men from high-income countries that are well educated had the lowest rates of heart disease, according the study. The results of this study also show that these results are not the same in less wealthy countries. The lead author of the study Dr. Abhinav Goyal points atRead More

Distance Learning Tips

There has been a large increase in popularity of higher education distance learning. Distance learning allows students to take independent study classes, take classes and courses that are not time specific. These distance learning classes also do not require students attend a physical facility allowing students who are far away from campus to attend school. Students can take classes on their own schedules. Interestingly, the drop out rate is higher for adult learners enrolling in distance education classes. Distance education classes can be completed successfully with just a little planning.Read More

What To Put In Your Food Truck First Aid Kit

Food truck first aid kits are not only essential when it comes to your employees (and yourself, of course) but when it comes to your food truck customers as well. As a result, prospective food truck owners might be pondering this question: What does my food truck first aid kit all need? While the answer to that question might vary depending on where you live, and the laws/rules that are in place for food trucks in your area, it would be in your best interest to follow along with More

Time-Management Skills

Successful students are often the best time managers. This skill of time management is one that can be easily learned. The first thing to understand is how you actually spend your time; and you can do this by simply keeping a journal for a couple of days. Record what you do each day, jotting down the amount of time you spend on all activities. Then you can take a closer look at where you spend your time. After you have identified how and where your time is spent, create aRead More

The Ways of Effective Study May Be Changing

The most mainstream thought of getting students to do their homework successfully is based on a few common sense steps. Just make sure your child has a quiet space, no distractions, have goals and don’t coerce your child. According to a writer at the New York Times this may be considered sketchy, at best. In fact Benedict Carey, calls it “sketch education research”. He also states that this approach may be completely incorrect. The folk wisdom and old wives tales should be thrown out and these somewhat counterintuitive tips shouldRead More

Studying Using Multiple Sources

Studying and homework can be difficult tasks at best. You may want to try incorporating multiple source studying into your homework. This is using multiple sources that you will review for your assignment. This includes lecture notes, handouts and your textbook. The Internet and any other such materials that are suggested by your teacher are also beneficial. If you are studying historical or professional people, read biographies or other material about them. Interviews with those people, if available, are also valuable. Students have also used fiction to understand a particularRead More

Have A Succesful School Year

Many college students love the beginning of the new school year. There’s a sense of excitement, anticipation and expectation in the air. With just a few easy to follow ideas and steps, students can have a successful year. Plan out the year. This should be a clear and concise path toward your goals, whether they are for additional schooling or a career path. Don’t forget to discuss this with those close around you with experience, such as family, teachers and guidance professions. Goal setting is important and should be measurableRead More

Balancing Sports and Study for a Good Education

A well-balanced education is important for any student. Many students go to school and engage in sports activities as well. While it is important to have a mix, it appears that the balance lets sports activities gain an advantage of schoolwork. In high school it is imperative that academic studies remain the first priority. A student must never be allowed to let the studies slide in order to play sports. The sport or activity may even have to be dropped if the educational aspect suffers too much. But there areRead More