Balancing Sports and Study for a Good Education

A well-balanced education is important for any student. Many students go to school and engage in sports activities as well. While it is important to have a mix, it appears that the balance lets sports activities gain an advantage of schoolwork. In high school it is imperative that academic studies remain the first priority. A student must never be allowed to let the studies slide in order to play sports. The sport or activity may even have to be dropped if the educational aspect suffers too much. But there are ways to achieve a balance and allow your student to actively participate in sports and yet keep up with his or her schoolwork.

–Don’t allow your student to spend too much time at the sport or activity. Many athletic programs require after-school practice time. This time may cut into scheduled homework times. Many students engaged in sports will push back their homework assignments until the very last minute. Make sure your student athlete reviews the homework requirements before practice. These homework assignments should also be reviewed for due dates.

–Students engaged in sports need to pay attention to class. Often, student athletes daydream about or are exhausted from playing sports. Give your student the skills to remain alert during school hours. Help them learn note-taking skills. Use study hall time to study, not socialize. If your child needs a tutor, the coach may be able to assist you in finding a suitable tutor, because coaches do not want to see their athletes fail.

–If your child is failing, they need to quit the activity or sport. It may break some hearts and cause tantrums but emphasize how important education is for the long-term future. Let your student know that a good education will help them prepare for a well-paying job in the future.

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