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Communicating With Teachers

You want to do well in all your classes and in general, at school. Communication with your teachers and instructors is essential to this success. Teachers will make sure of your success in most anyway they can, if you have shown a genuine interest in the course and your subsequent grade. Learning to be the best student you can will let your teacher help you.

This may seem obvious but make sure you know the teachers name, and use it properly. This means using the proper title such as Mr. or Mrs. The first time you meet your teacher, introduce yourself. There is never a reason not to be friendly with a teacher. Smiling is always a good thing. There is probably nothing worse to a teacher than a student with a bad attitude. So make sure you are not projecting an attitude when talking to your instructor.

Come to class prepared. This means arrive at class on time, with all your books and supplies such as paper, pens and so on. Don’t ever have to ask your teacher for supplies to complete and assignment or even worse, having to share a book with a classmate. Teachers are usually not impressed, nor are your classmates.

Do not criticize your instructor. This means do not criticize requirements, notes or teaching style. Do ask for assistance on assignment completion or help understanding the lecture. If you didn’t understand something, explain what you are trying to understand and emphasize that you want to learn and understand the subject. And of course, again common sense says not to be confrontational or argumentative. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask question. Just be reasonable in your approach.

If for whatever reason you did not complete an assignment correctly or you did poorly, ask for help in correcting your mistakes and understanding the subject matter.

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