Do Your Research About Honors Programs For Your Child

Many parents think that child is very bright and well above average. There is nothing wrong with this assumption. The child will perceive this positive thinking and embrace it. And all parents want to see their children excel in school. They also want to make sure that their child is being well educated, motivated and challenged in their school environment. Accelerated programs, or honors classes, regularly motivate students academically. These programs are not really more “difficult” that regular school classes, the program just moves at a faster pace, require more work in a shorter time frame.

High schools have had these types of programs for many years. These programs include Advanced Placement (AP) classes. These are classes that are design to specifically prepare for the Advance Placement test. Success on these tests will provide students with a leg up at college because passing these tests provides college credits. Recently, middle schools have seen the development of honors courses; however these are not the same type of classes as the AP courses.

When is the best time to pursue honors courses, if at all, for your student? Some say that it all depends on several factors. Does your student want or need the extra challenge that comes with theses courses? If they student truly does want an honors course and are willing to put in the extra studying, great; otherwise parents risk the danger of doing a lot of homework help.

Keep in mind that during the middle school years your child is going through an important growth phase. And the relationship with their peers becomes increasingly important. If your child is placed in an accelerated course in early years and can’t keep up, you run the risk of this affecting them for the rest of their education. Discuss these programs with teachers and counselors before making a decision.

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