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Is Preschool a Necessary Part of Education?

Currently, education professionals are seeing an increasing number of parents that are homeschooling their preschool-age children. What about preschool? Is it a necessary part of the educational path for children. There are debates everywhere about the daycare or stay-at-home model. And, of course, there is the ongoing debate of traditional school or homeschooling. And now the new debate seems to be: Is preschool necessary?

There are several advantages that children gain when attending preschool. They get to socialize with others, they are exposed to non-parental adults, and they receive preparation for the learning and classroom environments of the future. Parents who homeschool their preschoolers can also provide these skills right at home. They just need to be exposed to these skills on a regular basis.

The debate about the necessity of preschool seems to be based on the perception of not rushing a child into an educational environment too quickly. Studies indicate that about 25 percent of new kindergartners did not attend preschool. There is very little research on the books that verifies whether attending preschool or staying at home really makes much difference. Some experts do say that any advantage that was gained by kindergartners who attended preschool will no longer be in effect by the second grade.

Preschool does, in fact, help children separate from their parents. This may be very helpful because the educational system is seeing an increase in kindergarten classes that extend all day long. The transition of spending all day with parents to spending six-plus hours away can be made a little smoother with a preschool experience.

And having a child attending preschool for a few hours every few days can give parents some much need alone time.

The decision to send your child to preschool is essential a personal one and parents need to examine all options and make the best decision for their family.

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