Master’s Degrees in Public Administration Are Suddenly a Hot Commodity

Attention Job Seekers: 

Over the years, the numbers of people with Master’s degrees who are finding little satisfaction in the job they do has been growing. It is for this very reason that a lot of thought should be put into choosing a relevant degree. Too many people end up choosing unpopular degrees with limited limited job prospects available or low job satisfaction. Master’s Degrees in Public Administration are suddenly a hot commodity.

A Closer Look at the MPA

The Master’s Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A dm., M.P.A., or MPA) is a degree in the public sector. It is like the MBA of the private sector. This program is quite flexible as it allows individual students to build their own study plan from the offered courses. Some of the popular areas of study include:

  • Administrative Law
  • Urban Planning’
  • Budget Processing
  • Public Finance
  • Management
  • Statistics
  • Economics

Students are also able to choose specialties such as public policy, health policy, and international relations. It takes about 18 to 24 months to acquire this degree.

Why a Master’s Degree in Public Administration Is Suddenly a Hot Commodity

Here are some of the reasons why the MPA is suddenly so popular:


This is one of the few Master’s Degrees that are so flexible that the student can build their own study plan – it cannot get more flexible than this. Students can choose from a wide variety of subjects depending on their interests. They are also taught a variety of skills designed to prepare them to function efficiently in a variety of job situations.

Additionally, this degree is offered both online and on campus, so you can pick the program that best works for you. You can also choose to work in the private or public sector.

Variety of Jobs Available

There is a wide variety of jobs available for the holder of an MPA. As a matter of fact, MPA graduates are among the individuals with the biggest number of careers to choose from. Here’s a list of all the areas in which an MPA graduate can work.

  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Federal Government: Legislative Branch
  • Federal Government: Judicial Branch
  • Federal Government: Executive Arm
  • Federal Government: Independent Agencies
  • Political Support / Lobbying
  • Nonprofit
  • Business
  • International Affairs
  • Healthcare
  • Law

Click the link below to view a full list of jobs available MPA graduates:

Available MPA

Chance to Hold Key Government Positions

As mentioned before, acquiring an MPA will give you the opportunity to work for the government at the local, state, or federal level. It gives you the chance to hold certain key positions that will enable you to plan, lobby for, and even implement policies that can bring about positive changes in your country and even the world.

MPA holders have the opportunity to participate in making and implementing laws. Additionally, having an MPA can give you the opportunity to run for political office. If this appeals to you, then this may be the degree for you.

Shot at Several High-Paying Jobs

Having an MPA gives you the opportunity to land several high-paying jobs. Among these are Chief Executive Officer with an average annual salary of $175,110. Other high-paying jobs include government minister, magistrate, judge, lawyer, public relation and fundraising manager, Public Resource manager, Human Resource manager, and law teacher, all with an average salary of over $100,000.

Click the link below to view a breakdown of MPA jobs according to salary:

MPA jobs

Excellent Health Benefits

As the saying goes, “your health is your wealth.” Any job that offers good health benefits is one that is worth pursuing and keeping. Working with the government ensures better health benefits than one can get in many other areas that seem more lucrative. Whether you work at the local, state, or federal level, there are great health benefits available to employees.

Chance to Make a Difference

Every so often we hear people complain about the way the system works, and to no avail, because they are in no position to make a change regardless of how vocal about it they are. Having an MPA is one resource that will pave your way to being in a position where your voice can be heard, allowing you to make impactful changes. You will be able to be the voice of the voiceless.

As long as your intentions are pure, your MPA can be used to make positive changes at all levels – be it local, national, or international.

Chance to Work Abroad

If you are the free-spirited, adventurous type that dreams of working overseas and enjoying various cultures, acquiring an MPA may very well help you fulfill that dream. Agencies such as the World Bank, United Nations, UNICEF, and UNESCO hire people to work overseas. You can also choose to be the ambassador for your country and enjoy the diplomatic perks that come with this position.

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