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Math Skills Are A Foundation of Education

Good math skills are essential for a productive education. Elementary-age children will need to master basic math skills so that they can continue on to more advanced math classes in high school and college. Here are some simple tips to help your child gain math skills.

–Be sure that your child has an understanding of the concepts. If there is no true understanding of how math works, it is just memorization on the part of the child. For example have them add and subtract building blocks as a visualization exercise.

–Make sure they can master the facts. This means that your child can solve the math problem within three seconds. This means that math drills are essential. You can use flash cards to help with this process.

–Make sure they can write numerals clearly. A good number of math mistakes are because of illegible numbers. Have your child practice writing numbers or even tracing them. The use of graph paper is also a good teaching tool.

–Provide help quickly. Because math is best learned when skills are built upon previously learned concepts it’s important to support this process.

–Help them plan their homework. Homework is designed to emphasize what is learned in the classroom. Give them a math homework routine. For instance, begin each study session by studying worksheets.

–Encourage your child to do additional problems. Because math is best learned when practiced, additional work is beneficial. If the teacher has assigned the even numbered problems, have them do the odd numbered ones as well.

–Make word problems seem easy. Have your child read the problem several times. Then have them draw a picture that describes the problem. This is another great visual tool for understanding mathematical problems.

–Teach them mental math. Encourage your child to do math mentally or “in their head.”

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