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Teens and Homework: An Education Foundation

Your child has reached those important teenage years and education is more important than ever. Successful education during the teen years can provide a foundation for college or a future career path. Homework is an essential part of these educational years. So how do you help your teen get the most out his or her homework? Here are a few easy tips that can help. –Set a schedule and routine. Your teen will feel secure and safe in this routine, which in turn, will help them do their best. InRead More

Tips For The First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for your child. You’ve already done research and preparation for this day including introducing your child to the teacher, made a visit or two to the class room and just generally tried to acclimate and prepare him or her for this new exciting educational experience. And now the big day is here. On the first day, reintroduce the teacher to your child when you both enter the classroom. The back away and see the reaction and let the child set the tone. This willRead More

What is Test Anxiety?

Almost every one of us has suffered from test anxiety. It is highly unusual that any student doesn’t feel some sort of stress or anxiety before a test. This anxiety can manifest self in many ways included, irritability, anger, physical issues and depression. Research is showing ways to understand how this may affect learning. The ability to retain and recall information can be repressed under stress. This is because anxiety creates a “mental static” that then causes the brain to lose its ability for retrieval as well as reduces reasonRead More

Local Business Owners Share How an MBA Helped Them Succeed

Most business owners and entrepreneurs consider and MBA important in today’s age. But will this qualification offer local business owners an advantage, or would it be better to set up a business rather than spending time on the theoretical process? Back in 2012, the startup V7 was facing a problem as it was growing too fast. Mr. Bara, the owner of the agency, says he didn’t know how to manage the growth, leading to subsequent losses. So he decided to call an MBA graduate, asking him to take an objectiveRead More

Help Your Teen With Homework to Advance His or Her Education

You have done your research and have found that homework loads increase and become more difficult during middle school and high school years. This is also the time when grades become more important. Simultaneously, teenagers will also be facing along of additional challenges and changes. They are entering puberty, with all the emotional and physical effects that will bring. In addition may teens will see an increase in their social commitments. Also many will engage in sports while others may gain part-time employments. Parents can help guide their teens throughRead More

Is Preschool a Necessary Part of Education?

Currently, education professionals are seeing an increasing number of parents that are homeschooling their preschool-age children. What about preschool? Is it a necessary part of the educational path for children. There are debates everywhere about the daycare or stay-at-home model. And, of course, there is the ongoing debate of traditional school or homeschooling. And now the new debate seems to be: Is preschool necessary? There are several advantages that children gain when attending preschool. They get to socialize with others, they are exposed to non-parental adults, and they receive preparationRead More

Master’s Degrees in Public Administration Are Suddenly a Hot Commodity

Attention Job Seekers:  Over the years, the numbers of people with Master’s degrees who are finding little satisfaction in the job they do has been growing. It is for this very reason that a lot of thought should be put into choosing a relevant degree. Too many people end up choosing unpopular degrees with limited limited job prospects available or low job satisfaction. Master’s Degrees in Public Administration are suddenly a hot commodity. A Closer Look at the MPA The Master’s Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A dm., M.P.A., or MPA) is aRead More

Tax The Rich? Obama’s Plan Gains Steam

Part of former president George W. Bush’s legacy was to create tax cuts for all Americans, regardless of how much money they made. Whether you believe that he made these tax cuts to help the economy or as a favor to his upper-class friends, the economy is still languishing. Now that Obama is in office, he plans to take away the tax cuts for Americans that earn $250,000 per year or more, and his plan has almost come to fruition. Senate Republicans are reluctantly conceding defeat. Is this plan goodRead More

Do Your Research About Honors Programs For Your Child

Many parents think that child is very bright and well above average. There is nothing wrong with this assumption. The child will perceive this positive thinking and embrace it. And all parents want to see their children excel in school. They also want to make sure that their child is being well educated, motivated and challenged in their school environment. Accelerated programs, or honors classes, regularly motivate students academically. These programs are not really more “difficult” that regular school classes, the program just moves at a faster pace, require moreRead More

Study Indicates Caffeine Affects Boys More

A new study has found some interesting facts about caffeine: It apparently affects boys more strongly than it does girls. The study was examining caffeine’s impact on the health of adolescents. The study found that an increasing number of kids are consuming a larger amount of caffeine and caffeinated drinks; however there is very little know about what effects this drug has on their development. The study was published in Behavioral Pharmacology. This study examined the effects of caffeine consumption on adolescents ages 12 to 17. The study concluded thatRead More