Study Indicates Caffeine Affects Boys More

A new study has found some interesting facts about caffeine: It apparently affects boys more strongly than it does girls. The study was examining caffeine’s impact on the health of adolescents.

The study found that an increasing number of kids are consuming a larger amount of caffeine and caffeinated drinks; however there is very little know about what effects this drug has on their development. The study was published in Behavioral Pharmacology.

This study examined the effects of caffeine consumption on adolescents ages 12 to 17. The study concluded that males would play a computer game for significantly longer time periods in order to win a caffeinated drink that would girls. Control factors of the study included thirst, boredom and regular caffeine consumption.

Lead researcher Jennifer R. Temple is a neurobiologist at the University of Buffalo, stated that she had the expectation that these drinks containing caffeine would effect the subjects more strongly who usually consumed the highest amounts of caffeine. This was regardless of gender. However, the study presents a relationship between the craving for caffeine and sex.

Temple says she’s not sure why the males in the study responded at high rates, but she speculates that it may be hormones and the effect that caffeine gets from those. Another researcher, Aaron Luebbe of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, also indicates that there may be cyclical periods of caffeine use. She says that there may be consequences of this use on such things as emotions and sleep. Luebbe as conducted studied the symptoms of depression and caffeine usage among adolescents.

While both researchers don’t believe that it a real danger to children, both say that consuming large amounts of caffeine is not healthy, for either gender. Temple says if only moderate use is allowed, it should not have an abnormally negative effect. .

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