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Studying Using Multiple Sources

Studying and homework can be difficult tasks at best. You may want to try incorporating multiple source studying into your homework. This is using multiple sources that you will review for your assignment. This includes lecture notes, handouts and your textbook. The Internet and any other such materials that are suggested by your teacher are also beneficial. If you are studying historical or professional people, read biographies or other material about them. Interviews with those people, if available, are also valuable. Students have also used fiction to understand a particular event or historical time period. Any other original source materials are also a great basis.

Studies and research indicate that using this multiple source study method will help you increase retention and understanding of the material. This is, of course, if you use the sources correctly.

You may find that a single textbook is hard to understand and another reference or source is required. If you read other books, you may start to understand the topic. Understand and analyze these sources carefully, This is especially important if you find that the sources are not in agreement. All you may need is a few minutes for evaluation. Using these additional materials, in addition to your textbook, will give you a more accurate look at the topic. These additional sources may provide additional facts and materials as well. Make sure understand the source’s vocabulary. Use a dictionary if necessary.

It is advisable to first read your textbook to gain and idea of the assignment topic. Then explore your other sources. Examine the differences and the similarities of these source materials. You can also use Internet sources that provide information on your topic to help you. Once you understand and have differentiated all the source information, you should have a clear and robust understand of your topic.

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