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Teens and Homework: An Education Foundation

Your child has reached those important teenage years and education is more important than ever. Successful education during the teen years can provide a foundation for college or a future career path. Homework is an essential part of these educational years. So how do you help your teen get the most out his or her homework? Here are a few easy tips that can help.

–Set a schedule and routine. Your teen will feel secure and safe in this routine, which in turn, will help them do their best. In addition, if you know that they are completing their assignments at a scheduled time, this will eliminate any nagging you might be prone to doing. Let your student pick the scheduled time. This way he or she will feel more in control; however, there should be consequences for not adhering to the schedule.

–The atmosphere of the place that your teen is going to study should be geared toward the individual needs of your student. Some like having company, others want privacy. Make sure they have everything they need for study, such as paper, computer, pens, pencils and so on.

–Don’t let your teen become overwhelmed. Many students, upon entering high school, find themselves offered many activities that they can participate in. Make sure that they are able to combine both homework and these outside activities successfully.

–Get to know the teachers. During the beginning of the school year, either make a personal visit or call all of your student’s teachers. This will allow them the ability to feel comfortable if then need to contact you. Your teen may not like this approach, but this introduction will help your student because the teacher is now more aware of your teen. It also lets your teenager know you care about their education successes.

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