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The First Day of Your Child’s Education: How To Help Make It Stress Free

Your child is getting ready to enter pre-school. You and your child might be filled with a sense of excitement along with a little fear. As a parent you already realize the benefits of your child attending a preschool Your little one will get to socialize with his or her peers and learn some life skills such as taking turns and sharing. This is also a great way to prepare them for future educational experiences.

But how do you help sooth and ease the fears that your child may be experiencing? Talk to your future student. Tell him or her all about the preschool. Do this before the actual first day of school. Let your child experience some things that may actually happen in a classroom.

You can also make a visit to the classroom before the actual first day of classes. If you can make several visits. This will let your child get familiar with unfamiliar things and situation. This will also give you the opportunity to meet the teacher and familiarize yourself about activities and routines that this teacher will be introducing. By having this knowledge, you can do these same activities in your home environment. When in the new class your let your child roam and explore. They will get familiarized to this new situation in their own way in a comfortable situation.

You can also discuss with the teacher his or her approach to the student’s first day jitters such as crying and such. Ask and familiarize your self with the day-to-day routine of the classroom to better prepare your child.

While you do need to help make this transition smooth, try not to place too much onto your child about the change. It could make his or her anxiety and stress level higher than it needs to be.

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