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The Ways of Effective Study May Be Changing

The most mainstream thought of getting students to do their homework successfully is based on a few common sense steps. Just make sure your child has a quiet space, no distractions, have goals and don’t coerce your child. According to a writer at the New York Times this may be considered sketchy, at best. In fact Benedict Carey, calls it “sketch education research”. He also states that this approach may be completely incorrect.

The folk wisdom and old wives tales should be thrown out and these somewhat counterintuitive tips should be used instead. The author states that these suggestions come from recent scientific studies.

Among the new ideas includes rotation of the study location. According to Carey, by alternating the study location, the student can improve retention. In addition to the rotation of study places, studies suggest that during a study or homework session, a single subject should not be studied exclusively. Instead rotate the topics of study during the session.

While cramming for a test may result in a good grade, there is little information retention. Carey suggests spacing the study hours. This will result in better recall, even if some of the information may be forgotten. Forgetting information and relearning it may be a more effective way of learning.

Parents generally don’t like tests because they feel it stresses their children. However, according to Carey, testing is one of the most effective ways of learning. And if the test is difficult, that is even better. The more one works to do well on a test by remembering the information, the less likely that information will be forgotten. Tests can also instill confidence in students.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks should be avoided during study time, unless your student will be drinking coffee before the test. This is the state in which something is learned, needs to be recalled in the same state, whether physical or emotional.

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