Time-Management Skills

Successful students are often the best time managers. This skill of time management is one that can be easily learned. The first thing to understand is how you actually spend your time; and you can do this by simply keeping a journal for a couple of days. Record what you do each day, jotting down the amount of time you spend on all activities. Then you can take a closer look at where you spend your time.

After you have identified how and where your time is spent, create a planner. This can be weekly or daily. This planner should include appointments, due dates for assignments, work schedules, meetings and even social activities. Make sure that you refer to this document everyday, so you know exactly what you are doing that particular day. It will keep you on top of your activities and well as giving them priority. In addition to this short-term planner, keep an annual or monthly planner as well. This will give you a sense of your long-range activities. You should obtain a full-year calendar from your school and enter all the information from that into your planner. This way you know when the holidays are, as well as important information such as test dates.

Your assignments should be prioritized by placing the most difficult ones at the top of the list. This will give you plenty of time for completion as well as just getting it out of the way. Next schedule your study and homework time. First, make sure to allot sufficient time, but not too much where you may begin to become bored and restless. In fact, shorter intervals of study have been proven more effective. Also, breakdown completion of larger assignments into smaller sections for completion as well.

Once you’ve mastered these easy tips, you’ll be in control of your time, and your success at school.

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