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Tips For The First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for your child. You’ve already done research and preparation for this day including introducing your child to the teacher, made a visit or two to the class room and just generally tried to acclimate and prepare him or her for this new exciting educational experience. And now the big day is here.

On the first day, reintroduce the teacher to your child when you both enter the classroom. The back away and see the reaction and let the child set the tone. This will also allow the educator to form the initial relationship. Letting your child see that you trust the teacher will send the message that your child will be safe and happy with this new person.

You child may decide to cling to you. If you get upset, it may in turn, upset your child even more. Follow the teacher’s lead and any guidelines from the teacher you may have gotten in previous visits. Don’t force the child.

While it may seem simple to just leave, it could quite possibly be very hard on you. Here are some suggestions to make it easier on both of you.

Don’t try to sneak away. Say a fond good-bye and then leave quickly. If you thinking leaving without a good-bye will be easier, your child may feel abandoned. On the other hand, if your good-bye is too lengthy your child might get the feeling that the school is a negative place. You can also leave a special object such as a blankie to help the transition. And remember that once a parent leaves, the child general does just fine.

Make sure that a school staff member is there for you and your child during this transition period. It will ensure comfort on all parties even if you child wants to jump right in.

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