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What to Do as Part of Your Indianapolis 500 Vacation

Indianapolis, Indiana, is home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the world’s largest single-day sporting event: the Indianapolis 500, better known as the Indy 500. Visitors and residents alike gather in masses for this event, but if you’re new to the Indy 500 experience, then you’ll want to plan your day well. Discover a list of four things you can do while in town for the races.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

This museum is about 5 miles from downtown Indianapolis. If you’re a fan of history and auto racing, then you’ll want to stop here. The museum is devoted to showcasing automobiles and auto racing, and it’s home to the Auto Racing Hall of Fame. You’ll appreciate the impressive collection of vintage vehicles that showcase cars from IndyCar, Sprint, NASCAR, Formula One, and motorcycle racing.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Have you ever dreamed of climbing behind the wheel? You can get your chance at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. You’ll get to drive one of eight NASCAR vehicles and get to choose from several driving packages. For example, you can select the rookie package, where you’ll drive by yourself for an eight-minute timed race, or the advanced experience package. Keep in mind that the advanced experience package is for ultimate auto racing fans.

Those who have participated in the Richard Petty Driving Experience describe their time here as phenomenal and awesome.

Miles Ahead Motoring School

As if the Richard Petty Driving Experience isn’t enough, you can sign up for one of the Miles Ahead programs. It’s affordable, and veteran Indy 500 drivers such as Pippa Mann are the instructors. First, you’re given instruction, then you set out for the timed race experience. You’ll get to see your time as you make your way around the laps.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. A teen driving intensive exists for those who have either a permit or driver’s license. Teens participate in a half-day intensive where they’ll learn what do when faced with a challenging situation while driving.

Dallara IndyCar Factory

This factory is another must-see attraction for race car fans or those who are merely interested in learning about race cars. Through interactive and hands-on experiences, you’ll learn about how technology and engineering combine to create some of the world’s fastest cars. What’s cool is that the factory has a tunnel filled with blueprints and design concepts for current IndyCars.

In addition to the factory experience, you’ll get a rush when you sit down in the two-seater IndyCar and speed past the Motor Speedway. Don’t worry: It’s street legal.

If you’re worried about being too far from all the Indy 500 action on race day, you’ll find several hotels near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that await you.

Now you have a taste for some of the things you can do while in Indianapolis for the races. With so much to do during Indy 500 action, a little travel planning can help you experience the thrill of auto racing like the pros.

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